This K-pop fan really needed this item to complete their collection, and they were willing to trade a concert ticket to get it.

In a viral Instagram post, user @jake_shadow28 offered up their $125 concert ticket to see boy group RIIZE in exchange for a photocard of Enhypen member Jake.

"[MAJOR ISO/WTT] Jake Soundwave and La Engene zone pc. Have : RIIZE Ticket LOGE CENTER row M. Want : Jake Soundwave Pc R2 or Jake’s La Engene Zone (priority)," the fan wrote in the caption.

"I’m just really desperate for these pcs and my plus one can’t go anymore so I was like might as well so this is for anyone who wants to go and is willing to trade for these pcs," they added.

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The ticket was for the group's fan-con tour 'RIIZING DAY' at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, Calif.

Many fans reacted to the shocking trade in the comments of the post.

Some were baffled by the seemingly unbalanced offer.


"Concert ticket for pc is crazy work," someone else said.

Meanwhile, others understood the fan and supported the trade, noting that they would do the same thing for a beloved photocard of their favorite idol.

"Now that's dedication LMAO (I would do the exact same thing.)," one fan said.

"HELPPPP A CONCERT FOR A PIECE OF CARDBOARD. ( I’d totally do it)," another fan added.

The post also made its way to Twitter/X, where more fans commented on the wild trade.

"Ppl will ask for the most ridiculous trades as if it's normal," one person said.

One person admitted that they would trade a concert ticket for a coveted Jungkook of BTS photocard.

In the end, it seems everyone ended up happy as someone shared what appeared to be the successful trade in a reply on Twitter/X.

In one photo, one person was holding the digital concert ticket on their phone, while the other showed off the much-desired photocard.

A second photo showed the person who traded the photocard seemingly enjoying the concert with a drink.

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