A woman on Reddit drew strong reactions after she explained her complicated family dynamic.

The 27-year-old woman shared in a post in the Am I the A--hole forum that she has a younger half-sister named Leah, 19, who is getting married.

"I was asked by Leah if she could borrow a necklace I wore on my wedding day, that was my mom's before me, which she wore to her wedding to my dad," the woman said.

"I told her she could not borrow that but I offered to let her borrow some of my jewelry. Stuff that isn't connected to my mom," she went on.

"Leah told me that wasn't fair and she wanted to get married matching me on my wedding day in some way," she said.

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Leah asked if the reason she didn't want to share her mom's jewelry was because their dad and Leah's mom were paying for the wedding.

Leah also accused the woman of "not liking" her parents (her mom and their shared father).

The woman explained that her decision had nothing to do with her father and stepmother and that she simply didn't want to share her own mother's jewelry.

"She accused me of gatekeeping my mom. She told me she had just as much right to it as I did. I asked her why when she has her own mom. She told me because everyone knows dad only ever loved my mom and her mom is less than second best," the woman revealed.

"She wants to feel like I love her as a true sister and not some half thing that I wish didn't exist. She told me letting her borrow the necklace can show that. I still said no," she continued.

She also shared that in childhood, her dad had given Leah some of her mother's jewelry despite the action being the opposite of her wishes.

"Even though my mom had wanted all of her jewelry to go to me, Dad had given Leah a few things when she was a child. He told me I had no say in the matter and he loved my mom and wanted both his daughters to have pieces of her even though Leah is not my mom's child. I still dislike that she has some of my mom's jewelry," she said.

Most Reddit users agreed that the woman had the right to refuse Leah's request to wear the special jewelry.

"The obvious: it’s your property. You have every right to say no for any reason you like. She’s a jerk for pressing the matter when your answer was no," one person wrote.

"She doesn't have the right to your stuff. And she doesn't have a right to your mom. You have your mom's jewelry because you no longer have your mom. She still has her mom, so she can stop whining about how unfair it is that you won't share your mementos with her," someone else commented.

"To be honest it's [unbelievable] that this is happening to you. She should wear the Necklace HER mom wore to her wedding with your dad. You have every right to gatekeep your mum as she is just that YOUR mum!!" another person agreed.

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