There's no doubt that Massachusetts is the place to be when looking for a vacation destination with charm. Take Berkshire County for example, we have plenty of charming towns and cities where you'll never run out of things to do. Areas like Pittsfield, Lenox, Williamstown, Lee, North Adams, and too many to mention here will keep you busy and entertained with a plethora of art, film, music, theater, outdoor activities, fine food, and much more. Plus, the folks here don't hesitate to make you feel welcome and at home. The Berkshires are definitely a great place to visit and live. As State Representative Smitty Pignatelli put it, we know how to "Be Berkshire."

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I was recently browsing around online as I was looking up tourist attractions and destinations in Massachusetts and I was glad to see that according to Attractions of America, two Berkshire County towns made the list of "10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Massachusetts" and one of those two towns topped the list.

Which Two Massachusetts Towns Made the List and Which of Those Ranks at #1?

Do you agree with Attractions of America's list or do additional Berkshire County towns belong in the top 10?

What Other Massachusetts Towns Made it on Attractions of America's List? 

The other Massachusetts towns that made the list include the following:

#2 Hadley

#3 Rockport

#4 Westford

#5 Newburyport

#6 Rowe

#7 Oak Bluff

#8 Concord

#9 Provincetown

You can get more details and learn more about these towns including how and why they made the list by going here. Which Massachusetts towns are on your bucket list?

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