As we all found out early this morning, whether on the radio, our website, or that phone call you're used to getting before 6 a.m., schools were cancelled in the Berkshires today.

While snow can create havoc on the road ways, it may set you up with a fantastic opportunity to spend the day with your kids and your family. Or, maybe you have the house to yourself. Either way, there are fun things that can be done to pass the time.

Whether you are have the house to yourself and want to dance the day away, or you have the youngsters around, hopped up on sugar and energy, with insight from The Odyssey, here are 10 fun things you can do for the remainder of this snow day, or for the next one. Folks, we live in the Berkshires, surely there will be another one coming.


  • 1

    Binge Watch TV Shows & Movies

    Is there is a wrong way to sit on the couch, enjoy a bucket of popcorn and binge watch some good programming, I haven't found it.

  • 2

    Bake Yummy Treats

    Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, the aforementioned popcorn (it's not really baking, but delicious), there's no time like a snow day to eat those warm, yummy sweets.

  • 3

    Listen to Live 95.9

    OK, maybe there's a bit of horn tooting going on here, but it is still fun. A dance party with the kids to the Berkshires' Hit Music Station will certainly make the time go by quicker.

  • 4


    Whether it's with a spouse, significant other, the kids, or your favorite teddy bear, snow days are perfect days to get your cuddle on.

  • 5

    Go Sledding

    It's a great kids activity, for sure. But I will be down to do some sledding until I'm in my 80's.

  • 6

    Drink a Warm Beverage

    During snow days, I used to have a cup of hot chocolate and some Oreo cookies on a napkin -- that's when the party starts. A hot cup of coffee, tea, or cider will do the trick as well.

  • 7

    Read a Book, or Write

    Writing is always fun. But reading can be very relaxing. Plus, when there's kids involved in the reading fun, it gets even better.

  • 8

    Build a Snow Fort

    You can also sign me up for this activity! In addition, there's nothing wrong with the classics; like a snowball fight, building a snowman or making snow angels.

  • 9

    Not Homework!

    Hopefully you didn't plan on a snow day, kids. In that case, you want to make sure you're good to go, but enjoy a homework free snow day.

  • 10

    Play Board Games

    Board games are awesome! Monopoly, Pop the Pig, Catch the Fox, all great choices. Any game will suffice and  will put a youthful smile on all faces; kids and adults.

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