I'd like to say that I'm pretty observant and although I have been guilty of saying some of the following phrases incorrectly, I love pointing them out when others say the wrong.


1. It's "nip it in the bud", not "nip it in the butt".

Yes, a hard "d" sound can sound like "t"; however, a lot of folks say this incorrectly. You know, getting ahead of something before it blooms into something that would get out of control, not pinching someone's rear. The picture is just for humor.


2. It's "I'm going to", not "I'm GUNOO".

When people get lazy and combine words, I hear a 50/50 split between "I'm gonna" and "I'm gunoo". Listen for it, it's funny stuff.

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3. It's "six of one, half a dozen of the other", not "six of one, half dozen of another."

Maybe I just say this one wrong, lol. It means, basically, your options are the same. You might be comparing things that are equal in value.


4. It's "I couldn't care less", not "I could care less".

This is a BIG one. Technically, it's very ineffective if you say it wrong, it packs no punch that way.

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5. It's "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't"

I don't really hear anyone mess this one up, but I wanted to include it because Marjo was unfamiliar with this phrase. It means sort of like, "the grass may not be greener".


6. It's "statute of limitations", not "statue of limitations".

I was just reminded of this the other day when I was watching the news on TV. I've definitely said this one wrong on-air before!

james steidl

7. It's "in agreement", not "in agreeance".

Although agreeance is TECHNICALLY not wrong, the word has become obsolete, and agreement is correct. Plus, it's not in the Scrabble dictionary!

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8. It's "hunger pang", not "hunger pain".

Mind. Blown. Yes, the correct word to describe the way you're feeling, even though it is very similar to "pain" is pang.

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9. It's "peace of mind", not "piece of mind".

Something we all want and not necessarily the latter.


10. It's "buck naked", not "butt naked".

This is another one I always got wrong. I mean naked is synonymous with butts, right?!



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