1. The Busy Bee (Allendale), known for: PASTA
  2. Silverscreen (W. Housatonic), known for: STEAKS/FAJITAS
  3. The Rosa Restaurant (North St.), known for: SPAGHETTI 
  4. Sub 'N Beef (North St.), known for: WARM ROAST BEEF SANDWICHES
  5. Dakota (Pittsfield/Lenox Rd.), known for: SALAD BAR/BRUNCH
  6. Coachlight (W. Housatonic), known for: POPOVERS
  7. Bonanza (Allendale), known for: TEXAS TOAST
  8. Chowder House (Dalton Ave), known for: CHOWDER
  9. China Clipper (North St./W. Housatonic), known for: CHINESE
  10. The Brewery (Depot St.), known for: BEER/PUB FOOD

Alternates: The Pressbox, Big Boi, KFC, Baba Louies, Debbie Wong's...

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