It doesn't get much worse for the average aggravated Massachusetts person (Masshole), except for the following twelve things.

12 Things That Drive Massholes Crazy

1. Cutting Your Fingernails Too Short

I know the graphic is a bit extreme, but it's the only one I could find. I despise a long fingernail. If you've ever cut them too short, you know that pain. Try opening a can of beer with the finger that you cut the nail to short on, bro.

A finger tip that was cut off from a table saw accident

2. Slow Internet

This happened to me last night watching Shane Gillis on Netflix. That stupid circle kept a spinnin'.

Movie stream service on smart tv. Couple watching series online. Woman choosing film or new season with remote control. Video on demand (VOD) site mockup on screen.
Tero Vesalainen

3. Trash Juice That Leaks and Drips All Over The Floor

This can be avoided, but when some jackass puts liquids in the trash, you know, somehow, that that particular trash bag has a tiny hole in the bottom of it. Nasty!

Full trash can

4. Stepping On Lego

Kids love Lego, but you know when you step on one of these bad boys...


5. Getting A Root Canal With No Dental Insurance

Waking up with tooth pain is never good. Like, ever. Most of the time your cavity is too big at this point that you need a root canal. What's even worse than the pain? The cost! Hope you got deep pockets, bro.

Dentist Examining an X Ray of Teeth
Digital Vision

6. Luke Warm Draft Beer

I mean, come on! Some people can deal with warm beer, or at least slightly chilled. Not me. Warm draft beer is unacceptable. Do something about this, restaurant and bar owners.

Draft beer

7. Chicken Juice all over the Bottom of the Package

Does anyone know what I'm talking about here? You do, right?


8. Trash Talking Somebody On Text And Sending It To THAT Person

This can be brutal if you are the texter. Whoops!


9. Having an Eye Stye on a First Date

I mean, it sometimes is unavoidable, but, do ya think you'll get a second date?

Woman with black eye

10. Getting The Stomach Bug on the Highway In Traffic

I don't think it gets any worse than this.

Poop emoji isolated on white background, poo emoticon 3d rendering

11. That Smell when You Leave Your Clothes in the Washer Too Long

Then you've got to re wash them and waste more detergent, then you forget that they're in there again and the whole process repeats.


12. Vacuums With a Poor Suck Factor

This especially comes into play when you're vacuuming your car. It can take a shop vac on maximum overdrive to do a proper job!


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