There are so many wonderful authors that are associated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. From Herman Melville to Norman Mailer, Massachusetts has served as the inspiration for so many classic literary works.

Now, this may be a rather macabre subject, but Massachusetts is not only a place where so many brilliant writers drew inspiration and lived their lives but it's also apparently a very popular place to be laid to rest for these literary giants.

The aforementioned Herman Melville, who wrote Moby Dick at Arrowhead in Pittsfield, was actually born in New York State and was buried there as well. However, you can probably pick a handful of the well-known literary royalty and it's a good bet most of them will have had been buried in Massachusetts. It's not a super long list, but it is an amazing list.

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One of the most popular cemeteries for Massachusetts authors seems to be Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord. Several of the authors on this list are buried there.

Anyway... let's check out the list!


13 Famous Authors That Are Buried In Massachusetts



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