Berkshire County is famous for its outdoor landscapes, historical landmarks, cultural hubs, and world-renowned culinary scene, solidifying it as a proper destination spot for folks of all ages.

Tourism is a main driver of the Berkshire economy with an influx in the summer and fall months. According to 1Berkshire in 2019, the total economic impact of tourism in The Berkshires was $826.23 million. Jobs directly related to tourism supported 4,387 residents throughout the county in 2019, continuing the growth in the number of jobs for seven years in a row, which brings associated payroll to $149.7 million.

While visitors to the area take in everything our beautiful home offers, it always surprises me that number of year-round residents who don't take advantage of these gems. For example, Slater has never been to MassMoCA, a world-renowned art museum in our own backyard. It's wild that people who call the area home oftentimes fail to the advantage of everything great we have to offer, especially while many, if not all of the ticketed venues offer discounted admission or even free days for locals.

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A few weeks ago we asked Live 95.9 listeners what Berkshire County attractions they had never been to and some of the answers were really surprising. We compiled a list of the top 20 responses. How many have you been to?



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