2020 was quite a year. Not only did we have to worry about health issues, supply shortages, guestless holidays, and loss of loved ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lack of summer activities was also something that we had to get used to. Movie theaters, restaurants, concerts, festivals, carnivals, fairs and more were all the thing of the past in a blink of an eye.

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Now in 2021 things are opening back up and while we still need to follow CDC guidelines there will be more entertainment options this summer which is a breath of fresh air for most. Speaking of fairs and festivals, the folks at fairsandfestivals.net have posted the schedule of events taking place all throughout the Bay State. Keep in mind, due to the current situation that we're still in, some of these events could be changed, canceled or postponed. If you hear of any of them being canceled, rescheduled and so on, let us know and we will update the list. Some of the events taking place in Massachusetts in or near the Berkshires include the following:

Greenfield Spring Artisan and Craft Fair
2021, May 1: Greenfield, MA

Greenfield Spring Craft Fair
2021, May 1: Greenfield, MA

Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair
2021, May 29-30: Cummington, MA

Northampton Spring Fine and Functional Art Fair
2021, MAY 29-31: Northampton, MA

Berkshires Arts Festival
2021, July 2-4: Great Barrington, MA

Great Barrington Arts Festival
2021, July 2-4: Great Barrington, MA

Berkshire Busk

2021, Weekends July 2-Sept. 4: Great Barrington, MA

Green River Festival
2021, July 9-11: Greenfield, MA

Adams Agricultural Fair
2021, Aug. 6-7: Adams, MA

Cummington Fair
2021, Aug. 26-29: Cummington, MA

Three County Fair
2021, Sept. 3-6: Northampton, MA

Matoon Street Arts Festival
2021, Sept. 11-12: Springfield, MA

The Big E 

2021, Sept. 17-Oct. 3: West Springfield, MA

FreshGrass BlueGrass Festival
2021, Sept. 24-26: North Adams, MA

Paradise City Northampton Arts Festival
2021, Oct. 9-11: Northampton, MA

West Springfield Fall Firearm and Knife Show
2021, Oct. 23-24: West Springfield, MA

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