There is a lot to love about living in Massachusetts. From its iconic Cape Cod beaches to the bustling Boston metro area and all the way to the peaceful hills of the Berkshires. Massachusetts truly has something for everyone.

Whether you were born and raised in Massachusetts, or are a transplant to the best state in New England, you know all it has to offer.

Massachusetts boasts a strong economy, affordable living, excellent public schools, and an overall high quality of life. The state has been highlighted as one of the best states to live in the US several times, by publications like US News and World Reports, Niche, and CBS News.

So we know Massachusetts is a great place to live, but a recent ranking identified the best of the best.

Best Places to Live in Massachusetts 2024

Niche released its annual list of the Best Places to Live in Massachusetts. To reach their results, the analytics company looked at metrics that include quality of public schools, housing and job availability, cost of living, crime, and safety, and diversity, among other factors.

Brookline, Massachusetts is the number one place to live in Massachusetts this year. With a population of 62,698 people and a prime location 25 minutes outside of Boston, the owner earned an overall “A+” grade.

Coming in at number two is Cambridgeport, which is a neighborhood of Cambridge. In fact, many of Cambridge's neighborhoods made high marks on the list.

The city of Cambridge itself ranked third.

Check out the top 25 Best Places to Live in Massachusetts below.

  1. Brookline
  2. Cambridgeport (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  3. Cambridge
  4. Mid-Cambridge (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  5. East Cambridge (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  6. Wellington-Harrington (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  7. Agassiz (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  8. Riverside (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  9. Peabody
  10. The Port (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  11. Newton
  12. Lexington
  13. Belmont
  14. Newtonville (neighborhood in Newton)
  15. Shrewsbury
  16. Wayland
  17. Sharon
  18. Williamstown
  19. Westboro
  20. West Newton (neighborhood in Newton)
  21. Hopkinton
  22. North Cambridge (neighborhood in Newton)
  23. Arlington
  24. West Cambridge (neighborhood in Cambridge)
  25. Oak Hill Park (neighborhood in Newton)

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