Spring is in full swing in Massachusetts and while temperatures aren't the recording-setting highs we saw at the beginning of April, summers heat and humidity will be here before you know. While most Massachusetts residents wait all year for the sweltering summer months, having a pool is a key element to beating the summer heat.

If you don't have a pool at home, there are tons of excellent options for staycations in Berkshire County and the rest of western Massachusetts equipt with some of the most amazing polls we've ever seen

Since the pandemic, as people everywhere worked on home improvements, the demand for pools, everything from inflatables to landscaped in-grounds, reached an all-time. The delay in getting one installed is something the industry has never seen before with some local contractors booked well into 2024.

Too long for you to wait? Maybe a short-term Berkshire County rental could satisfy your family's need to splash around, even though it's not technically in your own backyard.

From Pittsfield to Great Barrington and everything in between, we've got some of the most amazing pools Berkshire County offers.

Recently, Airbnb released information to their hosts and renters highlighting exactly what folks are looking for in a short-term vacation rental.

According to a consumer survey, an overwhelming 97 percent of domestic (US) travelers say amenities impact their travel experience and while accommodations have the highest impact on the quality of their vacation quality, folks responded that amenities, like pools and hot tubs, come in second for travelers, ranked ahead of shopping/dining, location, culture, and family/friends. The majority of respondents surveyed rated pools as a top amenity.

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