America may run on Dunkin, but not Tyler St in Pittsfield. "Nobody steps on a church in my town", said Bill Murray in "Ghostbusters" (1984).

A few years back, the former St. Mary's church on Tyler St. was nearly razed to make way for a new Dunkin Donuts. Cafua Management eventually withdrew their plans, when Pittsfield residents expressed their disdain for a plan to destroy the landmark.

According to, CT Management Group has purchased the property from the Springfield Diocese for $500,000.

"We are planning 29 units in all four buildings — the church, the rectory, the convent, and the school on the hill. The school on the hill is an extraordinary challenge. I understand it has been empty for about 35 years perhaps, in that range. The inside is not in great condition but we think it is structurally sound and we are willing to explore its redevelopment," Carver said.

Developer David Carver, (CT Management), is currently renovating the former Holy Family Church on Seymour St. in Pittsfield into 10 housing units. I feel the news about St. Mary's is a nice victory for Mayor Tyer and City of Pittsfield.

"For several years St. Mary's was under contract to Cafua Management, a company located in the eastern part of our state, and their plans included demolishing some of the buildings to build a Dunkin Donuts. And all of us gasped, held our breath, and prayed that wouldn't happen," Tyer said.


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