Massachusetts launched Keno in 1993 and it took 30 years for someone to win the million dollar prize. Correctly matching 12 out of the 20 numbers drawn from the 80 numbers possible wins you a million dollars in Keno.

The odds of this are 1 in 478,000,000. As we remember the year gone by, back in March, one lucky Pittsfield, MA resident finally did it.

Why This Historic Winning Keno Ticket Was Double Freaky...

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Not only did Zenner's Pub in Pittsfield sell the first million dollar winning Keno ticket since the games inception, but the number combination was successive. Yes, all twelve numbers were in order.


What are the odds of that? Well, exactly the same as any other combination, actually. Yes, any twenty number combination has the same chance of getting picked, it just looks funky.

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