Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer was on with us on Wednesday and of course I assume she knows everything there is to know about the city at all times, so I pop the question. When is Tahiti reopening? To my chagrin, she had no idea!

For the sake of this post, these 5 spots are currently vacant.

5 Beloved Pittsfield Restaurants That Need To Come Back

1. Tahiti Takeout. (Wahconah St.)

What was not to love about Tahiti? Gold Fingers, House Fried Rice, Keno, I mean, come on! Citing staffing shortages in May of 2021, they never reopened.


2. The Lantern. (North St.)

Dimly lit for burgers and fries. The tuna wasn't bad either! Bjorn Somlo (Nudel in Lenox), who revived it for a bit is working with Milltown Capital to find a new tenant.


3. That's A Wrap Cafe. (Fenn St.)

After 13 years in business, some on Tyler St., That's A Wrap Cafe closed in November of 2021. This place was pretty central and offered a great lunch.


4. Bagel's Too. (North St.)

The North Street space that used to house the beloved bagel joint may be taken up, but the business and the recipes, I believe, are still for sale. I just saw Susan Gordon the other day! I miss that cream cheese!


5. The Elbow Room. (Dalton Ave.)

Newly painted and ready for sale, this place is still vacant.


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