It took a little longer than expected, but Spring is here and Summer will be right around the corner. The weather is getting warmer and, let's face it, dogs like to head out on the town with their owners.

Of course, there are dangers to leaving your furry friends in a hot car -- even if it's just for a few minutes, or a quick errand.

If you really need to get out of the house and you want to take your dogs with you, Petfinder has come up with a list of five fun alternatives you can utilize to keep everyone happy and safe.

  • steve everts
    steve everts

    Use Drive-Thru Service

    Although availability isn't a-plenty, if you can find a drive-thru service to accomplish what you need to, utilize those.

  • oneinchpunch

    Bring a Buddy

    Have a buddy join you on your trips out to play with your dog outside while you are running your errands.

  • Tony_Thompson

    Shop at Pet-Friendly Stores

    If you can find stores, locally, that allow pets to browse with you, take advantage of that. It will make those errands a little more interesting, won't they?

  • shulgenko

    Eat Outside

    If you get hungry, eat at on outdoor cafe, or a local restaurant that offers outdoor seating, where your dog can hang out with you.

  • damedeeso

    Leave Your Dog at Home

    I don't have a pet, myself, but I can certainly understand what it is like to be away from family members. We miss them. In the world of safety, sometimes, you just need to let your dogs chill at home where it is cool.

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