I was driving my oldest son back from school on Thursday and pumpkins were on the brain. "Hey, Dad, when can we get a pumpkin", he asked. Yes, it's that time, I mean it maybe too early yet to carve one, but, certainly you can get one for the front steps.

Pumpkins originated in Central America and are actually considered a fruit and a squash and, apparently the seeds contain some medicinal properties. For most of us, though, they make great fall decorations and a mean tasting pie!

So, Where Can You Get A Pumpkin In The Berkshires?

1. Whitney's Farm Market (Rte. 8 in Cheshire).

A massively popular spot here in Berkshire County, Whitney's is a sure go-to for everything fall.


2. Ioka Valley Farm (Rte. 43 in Hancock).

My first visit here was for my son's pre-school field trip, what a cool place, and pumpkins for sale!


3. Jaeschke's Orchard (Gould Rd. in Adams).

Jaeschke Apple Orchard produces top quality tree fruits. Apples, peaches, pears, and plums along with other crops... Pumpkins available in the fall.


 4. Lakeview Orchard (Old Cheshire Rd. in Lanesborough).

Come visit us and enjoy the produce and products we offer, savor the scenic beauty that surrounds you, and take in  the fresh Berkshire County air! October – Apples, Pears, Pumpkins, Winter Squash, Gourds, Mums...


5. Forthill Farm (Forthill Ave in Pittsfield).

Wow - such amazing color at the farm right now!! Mums are popping, pumpkins are in abundance and tomatoes are ready for saucing - pick up a discounted box today… or pick your own right from the field!!
Open daily 10-6, Sundays 10-5
There are certainly more locations, but this should give you a nice start!

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