I'm going to list five reasons you can get stopped by law enforcement in Massachusetts because of your license plate.

Being pulled over twice in the last six months, I'm looking for any reason not to get stopped again. I worked very hard to clear my subpar driving record when I was in my twenties and I'd like to keep it that way.

5 Reasons You Can Get Ticketed For Your License Plate In Massachusetts

1. You Must Have Two Plates On Your Vehicle

Massachusetts is a two plate state as they stopped issuing the old green license plates in January of 1987. The "Spirit of America" red plates are the current ones which absolutely require a front and a rear plate. If you still have a legible green plate with an active registration, you can get away with just the one since they are not a pair.

2. Your License Plate Has To Be Legible

You can be ticketed if your plate number is illegible. Plate manufacturers have special reflective paint so they are visible at night. Applying paint onto numbers and letters is not allowed.

David Lentz

3. You Have To Have Working License Plate Lights

Your rear license plate must be illuminated. Every motor vehicle and trailer so operated shall be equipped with two rear lights mounted one at each side of the rear of the vehicle so as to show two red lights from behind and a white light so arranged as to illuminate and not obscure the rear number plate and shall be equipped with two stop lights mounted.

4. Your License Plate Frame Must Not Obstruct Anything

Car dealerships love to bracket your license plate to let everyone know where you bought your car which is fine unless it is obstructing. It cannot block any part of the numbers or letters or the decal.

5. License Plate Covers

Some people choose to have license plate covers. The same rule applies with the frames. As long as it is clear and does not impede an officers ability to identify your vehicle it's ok.

The five instances above can either get you a ticket, fail a Massachusetts safety inspection, or both.

I hope you found this post informative.

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