I had a conversation with co-worker after we got off the air this morning about how another co-worker commented on his appearance first thing this morning. It was really nothing terrible, but it's just something you should never tell someone, or at least I was advised not to as a child.

Call it generational or call it common sense, the following list is just a few of the things I remember be taught as a child. 😆

5 Things My Mother Told Me Never To Say To Or Ask Someone

1. "Never Ask Someone Who They Voted For".

I think it was circa the 2000 election between Bush and Gore. I never knew my mother was a single issue voter, or that, surprisingly most people are, until she told me why and who she voted for. I'm not gonna tell you who she voted for, but I shouldn't have asked in the first place, because "It's NONE of your business"!

Political vote badge

2. "Never Ask A Woman If They're Pregnant".

Sometimes, you slip, right? Being pregnant can have a certain look to it, and you may be overwhelmingly compelled to find out if it's a boy or a girl? But, if you're wrong, good luck!

Young pregnant women standing in row

3. "Never Tell Someone They Look Tired".

Some days, even if you have nice long shower and shave, you just look tired. Your eyes can just give that away. People usually are well aware that they look tired and don't wanna be reminded. So, don't do it, it's not a good conversation starter, ever.

Business man sleeping on a laptop computer

4. "Never Ask A Woman How Old They Are".

This rule probably applies to everyone now, I mean, I think you can get fired for asking a co-worker that, right? Most people don't LOVE getting older, and sometimes people just don't look their age, so...

Happy young nurse with an old patient
Yuri Arcurs

5. "Never Ask Someone How Much Money They Make".

How much money someone makes is not indicative of necessarily anything, so don't do it.

Stuart Jenner

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