The retail apocalypse continues to run rampant throughout the U.S. including Massachusetts. Businesses like Express, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Christmas Tree Shops, and more have all closed or will be closing a big chunk of stores while others have pulled the plug completely after filing for Chapter 11. It was recently revealed that Stop and Shop will be shutting down some stores though there hasn't been an update as to which locations in particular will be shutting their doors.

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The Closures Don't Seem to Be Coming to an End in Massachusetts

It doesn't seem like the closings are slowing down at all as we continue to hear about more closings on a weekly basis. When you combine the fact that many people are still experiencing post-pandemic struggles, tightening their belts, and doing more of their shopping online, it shouldn't come as a shock that brick-and-mortar businesses are closing their stores in locations that haven't been performing well.

A Major Convenience Store Company is Planning to Shut Down Over 200 Locations

Now, another business will be closing 272 stores across the U.S. and that is convenience giant 7-Eleven. The announcement comes shortly after the convenience giant announced a $1 billion deal with Sunoco that will add roughly 200 new stores to its portfolio. It's possible that the chain similar to Stop and Shop may be closing underperforming stores.

7-Eleven is a Massive Force in the Convenience Store World

There's no doubt that 7-Eleven is a giant in the convenience world as there are 9,402 locations in the U.S. The top five states with the most locations include California, Texas, Florida, Virginia, and New York according to ScrapeHero.

Massachusetts has over 100 7-Eleven locations including the big areas like Worcester, Boston, and Springfield. Just do a Google search of 7-Eleven locations in Massachusetts and you'll likely find one near you.

Will 7-Eleven Close Any Massachusetts Stores? 

As of this writing, it hasn't been reported which stores will be closing or if any will be shutting down in Massachusetts but as soon as we get an update we will pass the word along so make sure you keep checking back.

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