Your geographical location in the country can be indicative of what sounds you hear most. The following are ten sounds all Massachusetts residents are familiar with.

1. The sound of the Chickadee (MA state bird)

The black capped chickadee is the state bird of Massachusetts and Maine known for it's unique call.

2. The sound of Frank Oglesby Jr. (Voice of The "T")

The squeak of the winding green line (at 111.3 decibels, the screech of Green Line trolleys peeling out of Boylston Station in downtown Boston represents the loudest regular sound in Boston), and Oglesby's recorded stop announcements. He worked for the MBTA from 1984-2020.

3. Red Sox PA guy Carl Beane's voice (Fenway Park)

Beane announced from 2003-2012 before he was killed in car crash in Sturbridge. He announced the historic 2004 and 2007 seasons.

4. The historic Pittsfield 4th of July Parade's loud procession

An article in the Pittsfield Sun from July 7, 1801, says that "at 12:00 o’ clock at noon a Procession was formed consisting of the Militia of the town."

The Pittsfield 4th of July Parade has an historic reputation dating back to 1824, when the procession consisted of Revolutionary War survivors, patriots, politicians and horse-drawn carriages. The parade was held off and on by various citizen groups until 1947 when it was taken over by the Pittsfield Permanent Firemen’s Association. Under the firemen, the parade grew in size and popularity.

5. The Merrimack Valley Gas Explosions of 2018

Lawrence, Andover, and N. Andover were affected by a 40 explosions and 80 individual fires caused by an over pressurized natural gas line owned by Columbia Gas.

6. The 1953 Worcester Tornado's massive roar

June 9, 1953 an F4 tornado stayed on the ground for 84 minutes and tore through 46 miles hitting multiple towns killing 93 people.

7. The Boston Accent

From historical figures like John F. Kennedy to Matt Damon in "The Departed", Boston's unique accent is recognized worldwide.

7. Boston's Logan International Airport

Logan Airport jets roaring over East Boston were recently clocked at 104.8 decibels. 23.4 million people use Logan Airport every year.

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