Unless you hate to leave the house, or work from home, you probably own a car. How often you drive that car or truck I don't know, but what I do know is that Massachusetts drivers have BAD habits. I'm one of them. You might be too. 😂

7 Reasons Why People Hate Massachusetts Drivers

1. Tailgating

Following too closely is a problem and more importantly it's dangerous. Not only can this cause car crashes, but altercations can arise between angry drivers.

Occupations with the Rudest Drivers

2. Taking Too Long To Turn

I must say this twice a week, "take the turn, will yeah"! We all know the drivers who take ten minutes to make a right turn into a retailer's parking lot.

Mother turns around to her children on the back seat of car

3. Not Using Your Blinker (USE YAH BLINKAH)!

Speaking of turning, this is highly annoying and dangerous.

Senior man hand detail while driving a car. Soft focus. Vintage tone.

4. Speeding

Is it just me, or do new cars really not allow you to feel how fast you are going? Nice try? Yes, we speed, not just on the highway, either.


5. Never Allowing Others To Merge

Classic, right? I'm first! How dare you go in front of ME!

Lane ends merge sign for construction purposes
Garrett Aitken

6. Overusing Your Horn

Believe it or not, using your vehicle's horn is only legal for purpose's of alerting someone else of impending danger. Not to release frustration or say hi to your buddy.

Photo of driver honking in traffic on the road

7. Road Rage

Massachusetts and parts of the Northeast are not known for their mild tempers. Crowded roadways and frustrated people are a bad combo! Massachusetts was ranked 15th in the country for road rage.


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