Hurricane Ida left destruction in its path as it careened over the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and inland. Thousands of people lost power, floodwaters have held some hostage inside in their homes and Louisana struggles to assess the damage.

We wish safety, relief, and a speedy recovery to all those people reeling in the aftermath of the storm.

Unfortunately, our fellow citizens are not the only ones suffering from this hurricane. 75 animals living in shelters were evacuated from Louisiana to Massachusetts on Saturday as Hurricane Ida approached the gulf coast, according to The Boston Herald.

The importance of transport of these animals to Massachusetts prior to the storm was critical in making room in Louisiana shelters for any animals that might be left homeless after the storm.

The pets included 36 dogs and 39 cats, according to MSPCA-Angell in Boston. There were 20 puppies and a 13-year-old poodle named Bronx who was living at Jefferson Animal Welfare Services' shelter just outside New Orleans.

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The dogs and cats arrived at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford on Saturday and were taken to the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem.

A post on the shelter's social media page says the dogs and cats will be in quarantine through Monday, but will eventually be available for adoption.


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