The hot temperatures are finally here and folks around Berkshire County are looking for ways to keep cool. If it's not a pool, the beach, or the lake, why not a waterfall?

Part of the reason we love living in The Berkshires is the nature that surrounds us. Day hikes and adventures for people of all fitness levels are readily available to us year-round, but once the heat and humidity of summertime sets in, there's really no better place to cool off than the shady, tree-covered woods. Especially when that shaded hike leads you to nature's pot of gold, the waterfall.

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I always see great photos of my friend's waterfall adventures on social media and the comments are filled with people asking where these spots are. So, inspired by a friend of mine we put together a list of waterfalls hikes within an hour drive of Pittsfield the (basically) geographic center of Berkshire County. Yes, we've got a ton of good stuff right outside of front doors, but a road trip with friends and family to find something new is always a plus.


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