If you grew up in Adams like I have for 20 plus years, then you are probably well familiar with a piece of history in our town. Located in the heart of downtown Adams, built in 1937 to replace the former Atlas Theater that burned-down previously.  Now I'm not trying to giveaway my full age or anything like that, but sadly I was not even thought of when The Adams Theater was in full swing back in the golden era. However my parents who were kids in the 1960s, have some fond memories of going to Matinees every weekend.

Back in 1964, Admission of 25 cents could you get a couple of cartoons, a short series, and a full length feature film. My father and his three younger brothers (my uncles) would attend Saturday afternoon showings every week. His father (my grandfather) would give each of the four boys a nickel for when they had 5 Cent Candies to snack on during the show.


The Adams Theater was like the #1 place to be every weekend for a showing in town. During the holidays they would throw a Christmas party for the whole family. The auditorium seats would be filled to the max forcing people to seek seating in the isles. Because back in those days, who cared about fire codes right? Nowadays, that is strictly frowned upon.

Serving the community for nearly three decades, The Adams Theater abruptly shuttered in 1967. Mainly due to less movie goers at the time and with the option of watching movies at home on what we call the television set. Which no one really says that anymore. We just say TV for short.


The Adams Theater went through a variety of owners through-out the years and it wasn't until the late 2000s, early 2010s when the facility started to show some use again. It held the name Topia Arts Center for a short time. As a matter of fact back in Fall of 2011, I helped out with a Theatre Production with Minerva Arts Center's Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Exciting plans are currently in the works for this historic landmark. This story will be continued.

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