(Photo image of Bash Bish Falls courtesy of Jesse Stewart)

If you plan to do some hiking this summer, keep in mind that Bash Bish Falls is closed for certain activities (access to the actual waterfall is off limits), but the public can still enjoy the scenery, but with limits, The popular site straddles the borders between Mount Washington, Massachusetts and Copake, New York. The park remains open to visitors with certain restrictions: Swimming, rock climbing and picnicking is prohibited. Pets are allowed but MUST be on a leash plus you are NOT allowed to bring alcoholic beverages, coolers and glass containers, but your outdoor adventure can be satisfied by walking the numerous trails and exploring the benefits of nature in our backyard.


The trail is a simple easy going 1-mile hike up and back and it is encouraged to bring your camera as you can sample the scenery of a beautiful waterfall that cascades in two primary areas of our tri-state region. Bash Bish Falls ranks at a low 3/10 on the difficulty scale which makes the area accessible for all. The facility is surrounded by various maple, beech and oak trees opens at dawn and closes at dusk. Keep an eye out for some varieties of wildlife that permeate throughout the vicinity including timber rattlesnakes, black bears and bobcats just to name a few. You'll also see assorted peregrine falcons flying in the skies above and watch out for those prickly porcupines.

The park opens at dawn and closes at dusk. This decision to limit activities in the park resulted from incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic's height two years ago as visitors came over to Bash Bish Falls and left behind a mess including mounds of refuse and property destruction plus some guilty parties did not follow proper protocol to keep the facility pristine for others to visit as many other distractions were reported.

Despite the latest restrictions, this vicinity STILL remains a popular destination for local residents and out of town visitors as the ravine forest and gorges are a beautiful back drop to outdoor enthusiasts. If you use the assigned designated trails that are provided, you will leave the area knowing a successful day trip has been accomplished. If you need more details on Bash Bish Falls, access this link by going here.

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