As if you couldn't guess from the cover photo, Breaking Bad mega stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were seen drinking beer at Trillium Brewing Fenway on Sunday.

Trillium Brewing Fenway

Based on social media, it looks like the two stopped by Trillium Fenway on Sunday afternoon and took photos with owners JC and Esther Tetreault, before making their way to a packed event at Time Out Market where they poured drinks and shots for excited fans.

Cranston and Paul started a mezcal company called "Dos Hombres" in 2019. 

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is apparently mid way through a new "light science fiction" series starring "Better Call Saul" actor Rhea Seehorn.

I won’t say it’s pure science fiction, I will say it’s light science fiction. But it has an element of science fiction, at its origin. And there’s no no crime, no meth. It will be fun and different. I have absolutely no idea how the audience will react to this, whether they will love it or hate it, or be somewhere in between.

Rhea [Seehorn] will play a very different role than what she played on Better Call Saul. The weird thing is that it will also take place in Albuquerque, except it will be a whole different world. There are no overlaps between universes. She plays a character who is not Kim Wexler, but hopefully people will get used to it. I am nervous. It will be interesting to see how the public reacts.” -variety

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