Adams Police are investigating an uttering and forgery incident that occurred on February 6, around 4:45pm at the Walgreens on Columbia Street, and say a suspect has been identified.
Patrol Officers in Adams responded to Walgreens on Feb. 6 for a call about a masked individual who had passed a large quantity of counterfeit twenty-dollar bills in order to obtain gift cards. The man was successful in obtaining the gift cards however they were quickly deactivated and no monetary loss was suffered.
A catalog of photos from surveillance cameras can be viewed below.
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The party left on foot prior to police arrival, however surveillance footage and interviews with witnesses have provided an initial suspect description. The suspect was believed to be a white male in his 40's, about six feet tall, weighing approximately 240 pounds.
The most descriptive identifiers were the suspect's tattoos on the backside of each hand. It also appears the suspect may have a neck tattoo.
Yesterday, via a social media post, the Adams Police Department says the suspect has been identified thanks to the New York State Police Department. The suspect's name has not been released at this time.
The unidentified man could face charges of uttering, which is a crime involving a person with the intent to defraud who knowingly sells, publishes, or passes a forged or counterfeited document. More specifically, forgery charges involve a person who creates a falsified document and uttering is the act of knowingly passing on or using the forged document.
Below is surveillance footage from Walgreens on Feb. 6.


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