If you've driven through the Allendale intersection in Pittsfield on a Friday afternoon recently, you've likely seen Trump supporters gathering in the Kelly's Diner parking lot waving flags and signs in support of the President's re-election.

Counter protesters denouncing the President and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement have begun to gather as well. This week, tensions between the two groups boiled over sending one protester to Berkshire Medical Center after physical altercation. The scuffle was captured on video which has been making the rounds on social media.


Fight at roadside trump rally ends in knockout - Pittsfield, MA USA 9/5/20 from r/PublicFreakout


The Berkshire Eagle reports that an off duty Pittsfield Police officer who happened to be in the area noticed the commotion and arrived first, according to Pittsfield Police Lt. Gary Traversa. Additional officers were dispatched at 4:21 p.m. to the vicinity of the diner on Dalton Ave. The Lieutenant said that the incident is under investigation, but no arrests have been made as investigators "have no information that an arrestable offense occurred."

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The man who fell to the ground in the video was sent to Berkshire Medical Center for what PPD believes were minor injuries, noting that the man was conscious and alert when he was transported.

Lt. Traversa Pittsfield Police Department plans to send officers to future rallies "to maintain safety for the participants, as well as those traveling through the intersection"


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