Massachusetts is a state deep-rooted in the history of our nation. From Paul Revere to the Boston Tea Party and everything in between, the timeline of our great nation's formation can be traced throughout Boston and eastern Massachusetts.
With a history that dates back to the early 1600s, it is no surprise that Massachusetts is home to some very, very old buildings, artifacts, and even homes. It's not uncommon in the greater Boston to come across families or businesses that still have ties to the early years of the state. In fact, Massachusetts has almost 200 historical designations with 57 of them located in Boston proper.
Besides history, Massachusetts has an abundance of beaches as well. The state has 1,519 miles of shoreline for both residents and visitors to enjoy. While most people think of Cape Cod when they think of Massachusetts beaches, the north and south shores of the state have plenty to offer, including one beach that has a special place in American and Massachusetts history.

Massachusetts is Home to America's Oldest Public Beach

Revere Beach in Revere, Massachusetts is the oldest public beach in the U.S. The beach was recently designated as a historical landmark.


Revere Beach faces Massachusetts Bay, just five miles north of Boston. Its hard sand shore forms a great crescent along the blue ocean for miles, sloping away gradually out to sea, creating an ideal bathing beach. The Nahant and Winthrop peninsulas frame the horizon, and lighthouses and ships out at sea give guests a scenic panorama to enjoy.

In the late 1800s, it was the first ocean beach in the United States acquired for public recreation and one of the first properties added to Boston's Metropolitan Park System.

Revere Beach is the site of numerous events annually, but perhaps none are as famous as the International Sand Sculpting Festival. The competition, which takes place every July, is a renowned annual event that transforms the shores of Revere Beach into a backdrop of world-class sand sculptors who showcase their incredible talents to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

This year the event celebrates its 20th anniversary.

In addition to the sand sculpture festival, Revere Beach is also home to the International Kite Festival, Revere Arts Festival, Live Summer Music Series, and the Revere Pumpkin Patch in October.


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