If you were around before 2002 you may remember the beloved department store, Ames. Massachusetts had Ames stores throughout the state. As a matter of fact, the company was founded in Southbridge back in 1958. At its peak of success, Ames operated 700 stores in 20 states. I remember spending much of my youth at Ames, particularly the Lenox and Lanesborough locations. Clothes, toys, and CDs were just a few of the items I would purchase at my local Ames.

There are Rumors That The Beloved Retailer Will Be Making a Comeback But Is There any Truth to Those Rumors? 

As we all know Ames went out of business back in 2002. However, there have been rumors and speculation that the once-popular department store may be reopening in a few states. There was a message on a website and social media that supposedly are sources of the retailer stating that the new stores will open sometime in 2026. The locations of the stores would include Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania, and later, Rhode Island. With all of the uncertainty and speculation regarding Ames' comeback, USA Today reached out to organizers for verification but hasn't received a response.

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Could The Beloved Northeast Retailer Survive in Today's Climate? 

If this information is true it would be interesting to see how Ames would fare in today's climate under the 'retail apocalypse.' I would love to see Ames make a comeback and have some stores in Massachusetts. It would be another shopping option and it would scratch that nostalgia itch. Are you pro-Ames reopening or would you rather see the company remain in the retail coffin?

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