Let's face it: I am a TRUE supporter of Dewey Hall, located in the heart of Main Street in Sheffield. The historic building has been serving the south community with top quality LIVE entertainment since 1887, back in the days when Grover Cleveland was our commander-in-chief.

Dewey Hall - Facebook
Dewey Hall - Facebook


The facility has been backed up by various supporters in our area who are donating money to keep this structure alive and well. Here is an example of a recent act of "paying it forward"

Dewey Hall

Housatonic Heritage granted Dewey Memorial Hall a total of $15,000 in a Heritage Partnership grant toward a $35,000 matching grant for feasibility and planning from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities fund.

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Dewey Hall President Beth Carlson reiterated that every little bit helps:

“This $15,000 gets us much closer toward raising the match for the MCCF grant. The total cost of the project is unknown, but it is likely to exceed $70,000. This is vital foundational work necessary for the stable future of Dewey Hall.”

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A request for proposals has been recently sent out to qualified preservation architects with a deadline of January 31st for proposals. A site visit for interested architectural firms is scheduled for January 5th, 2024.

The Hall announced their current Reaching for the Stars annual appeal is seeking to raise a total of $40,000 toward the ongoing operation and preservation of the hall which has been deemed as a community resource. The appeal will culminate in a "Celestial Ball" scheduled for February 10th as the annual appeal campaign funds will not be applied toward the Historic Structures Report and Master plan.

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As Carlson added these acts of kindness are vital to the iconic building's survival in the south county community:

“We have to raise funds for this project over and above our annual campaign donations. I am confident we will reach both goals. This is a first important step in a long term plan that will create a more secure future for the Hall.”

For more information, log on to their web site by going here.

(Portions of this article courtesy of a press release submitted by Dewey Hall)

(Photo of Beth Carlson courtesy of her Facebook page)

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