You know what they say when you're in the radio or TV business: Once it's in your blood, the yearning to return gets stronger and stronger. Earlier this year, meteorologist  Craig Gold announced his departure from WRGB-TV (CBS 6) and recently, he was back in studio delivering forecast from cross town rival WNYT (News Channel 13).

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Berkshire viewers, including yours truly were taken by surprise when I was surfing the dial and there was Craig, back at the helm showing off his top quality weather skills along Bob Kovachick way in Menands. During the week, he is a senior account executive at Baker Public Relations and he is not pursuing another full time opportunity in front of the camera as his decision to work "a regular job" proves to be a perfect fit for him and his family.

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I can't help but think back to his days at CBS 6 when Craig and Heather Kovar (best known to all as "The Capital Region's Lois Lane") made an unbeatable team on weekends as their chemistry and rapport blended well and when Heather departed last summer, the Berkshires felt a void as her presence was sorely missed. I had the chance to see them at their best one Sunday morning at channel 6 prior to the pandemic, weeks after Heather joined me as a guest DJ (She needs to make a return appearance) and when chatting with Craig, I discovered he was an avid skier who also frequented our area slopes including Jiminy Peak, Ski Butternut and Catamount.

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(Photo of Caitlin and Craig courtesy of Caitlin Irla's Facebook page)

These days, Craig has teamed up with Caitlin Irla at News Channel 13 as he stressed his new role is strictly on a part-time basis. For those who followed him in Schenectady here in Berkshire county, his return is a bright spot, but nothing will duplicate his time with Heather as a new adventure begins and with his professionalism and expertise will resonate well for those who are familiar with his work. The new addition is a welcome sight as area viewers could see a new chapter unfold in TV news.

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