We have sung the praises of Massachusetts in past articles. We have boasted about the Baystate's quality education system and the fact that Massachusetts is one of the greatest U.S. states to raise a family. We have also given kudos to Massachusetts for having helpful and friendly people. Not to mention, Massachusetts has many towns that look like they could be settings for Hallmark movies. It's no wonder that people flock to our area to get a piece of the action. Just wait until fall comes, tourists will be stretching their necks for leaf-peeping opportunities and who can blame them?

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It Turns Out That Massachusetts is a Somewhat Angry State

With all of these positive and uplifting characteristics that Massachusetts encompasses, you may find it surprising (or maybe not) that it turns out the beloved New England state is the ninth angriest in the country. It's true, at least according to one source. Travel.Alot.Com recently published an article entitled The Angriest States in America and Massachusetts was in the top 10. Here's what the article stated about our beloved state.

While road rage fatalities and road rage fatalities per capita stand at an impressively low 0%, indicating a level of road safety, the state is not immune to other forms of anger. With 6.8% of internet comments being toxic, Massachusetts showcases a notable prevalence of online hostility and negativity. Moreover, the state's relatively high hate crimes per capita rate of 5.63 reflects underlying societal tensions and divisions.

How Was The Study Conducted?

The article used various sources including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's most recent Fatality Analysis Reporting System which handled the road rage factor. Wired magazine came at the anger issue from the toxic internet comments angle and BestLife researched the FBI's hate crime data. The combination of those sources is what concluded that Massachusetts is the ninth angriest state in America. You can read more and check out more angry states in America by going here.

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