Fall in Massachusetts is not only beautiful but that's when the Baystate becomes a hot spot for leaf peepers. The robust foliage attracts people to our area as it presents an opportunity to capture the natural beauty of the area on their cell phones and cameras.

One event that locals and non-locals alike enjoy each and every October is the hike up Massachusetts' highest mountain, Mount Greylock. The hike known as the Greylock Ramble took place this year on Oct. 9.

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I participated in the ramble a number of times during my youth with my father and friends. We had a blast hiking the trail and viewing the beautiful foliage I mentioned earlier. One thing I always wondered was what types of animals roam around on top of Mount Greylock. Each time I have been to Mount Greylock, I never spotted any animals (to speak of) but thanks to AZ Animals, I now know which types of animals can be found atop Massachusetts' tallest mountain.

What Types of Animals Roam Around on Top of Mount Greylock? 

The article reports that you'll find such animals as red-tailed hawks, white-tailed deer, common ravens... the types of animals you may expect to see on top of Mount Greylock. However, two animals that I found of interest are the predatory type. Those two animals include:

Bobcats have been spotted on top of Mount Greylock. Luckily, bobcats aren't aggressive toward humans but if you encounter one on top of the mountain (or anywhere for that matter) make sure to give the bobcat space, make noise so the bobcat knows you are present and if you have small children with you make sure you pick them up. Bobcats have been known to kill animals that are much larger than themselves.

Black Bears are another predatory animal that roam around atop Mount Greylock. If you encounter a black bear you'll want to keep your distance and back away slowly. If that fails, make loud noises (whistles, noisemakers), and wave your arms but never run from a black bear. Keep children close if they are with you when encountering a black bear. You can view the entire list of animals found on top of Mount Greylock by going here.

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