Just one week after another abrupt one day closure, which Live 95.9 confirmed was in fact due to lack of power, not a fire alarm malfunction as previously reported, another tenant of The Berkshire Mall has announced it's departure.

The popular youth clothing store, The Children's Place will shutter it's doors.  While an official reason has not be given, a call I put in to the store did confirm that August 18 would be their last day open. The Children's Place joins a slew of other local and corporate owned retailers to leave the mall in the past few years. Those exits, combined with the rash of random closings and power outages, public financial struggles for the current owners, have lead most to believe the writing is on the wall for the shopping center.

While this news isn't great for the fate of the mall, the silver lining, if you're a parent, everything is the store is currently 70 percent off. The store employee I spoke with said he was unsure if they would go lower for August 18, so get in there before the good stuff is gone.





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