If you're lucky enough to get a tax return every year like myself, you probably file as soon as you can. For folks who owe year after year, you're probably gonna wait until the last minute 😁.

Last year's tax returns were probably a little good to you thanks to some COVID tax breaks; however, this year's return may be a little lighter. The child tax credit has returned to $2000 per child as it was pre COVID (it was $3000-$3600 in 2021).

Evgenia Parajanian
Evgenia Parajanian


The IRS began accepting tax returns on Monday, January 23rd. The IRS says that it is expecting more than 168 million tax returns this season and that many people will file early. -kiplinger.com

You can start filing now, Massachusetts!

The 2023 eFile Tax Season starts in January 2023: prepare and eFile your IRS and State 2022 Tax Return(s) by April 18, 2023. If you miss this deadline, you have until October 16, 2023. If you owe taxes, you should at least e-File a Tax Extension by April 18, 2023. -efile.com

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