No doubt "the dog days of summer" are in full swing to start off a brand new month. August is seeing it's share of temperatures in the 90's with that dreaded humidity to boot so we are all trying ways to stay cool and what better way than taking a dip at a backyard swimming pool. But there is something to look out for before you hit the water and the end result is not pretty. This video will clue you in even further:

(Video clip courtesy of The New York State Department of Conservation and You Tube)

That's right! The Asian Longhorn Beetle is making it's way across the nation and they are taking shelter in swimming pool filters which could hamper cleanliness of water and chlorine while swimmers par take in their quest to receive much needed relief from the recent round of hot weather.


Granted, you don't want to bump into one of these disgusting creepy crawlers because they are a true eyesore and could pose a health risk. You should take necessary precautions including frequent maintenance which requires the cleanliness of pool filters and make sure inspect any debris that accumulates in skimmers as these two locations serve as perfect hiding places for these "insane insects".

Here are some suggestions to alleviate this pesky problem: Once you spot an Asian Longhorn Beetle, take a picture and e-mail the end result to: and you should include the words ALB Pool Survey on your subject heading. Put the insect in a plastic bag and keep it in your freezer until you receive a reply from a DEC member (that in itself is gross if you ask me)

You can do your part by making sure your pool is up to par by keeping the water clean on a daily basis as these creature migrate into the water directly from trees. Look out for an accumulation of pits, sawdust and excess sap and include this information in your e-mail to DEC as they will also include suggestions to avoid further infestations.

BOTTOM LINE: I despise insects in any way shape or form and I'm sure you have the same sentiment as well. Either way, enjoy the summer weather, but keep in mind these intrusive intruders could be lurking in the shadows. Remember: You have been warned!

(Some information obtained in this article, courtesy of our sister station in Buffalo, NY, WYRK-FM)

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