Yes they are, but not for why you think.

Gas prices in Massachusetts as of this writing are averaging $3.58 for a gallon of regular gas.


Premium will run you about $4.35 a gallon and diesel about $4.50, according to gasbuddy.

Last year when gas prices were still above $4.00 a gallon it was easier to hit that $100.00 mark, especially with folks that have 25 gallon tanks or more.


I mean it doesn't make sense if a pump were to shut off at a specific dollar amount because it's all relative to the price of gas at the time.

What does make sense, well maybe, is a pump shut off at a certain GALLON amount.

For instance, to prevent hoarding, gas stations would limit the amount of gasoline one could purchase. But, we're not in a gas shortage, so that wouldn't make sense necessarily.


Here's Why Gas Pumps In Massachusetts Shut You Off

Fraud protection!

A listener mentioned that it may be shutting off at the $100.00 mark if someone is paying by credit card.


Now, that makes sense.

Person paying with credit card at gas pump, motion blur

Truck drivers filling up at your truck stop may be unhappy with the limits set on credit and debit purchases at the pump.

When a trucker wants to purchase $300-$400 worth of fuel, they may have to re-swipe their card each time it hits the limit of $100. Or, the driver can go in the station and pay for the transaction using inside payment terminals that don’t have a limit. Of course, drivers don’t want to take the time to go into the store to pay.

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