Summer is around the corner and so is the Fourth of July in Massachusetts. The sights and sounds of fireworks are soon to be omnipresent as the fun holiday nears.

What's the deal with sparklers?

Sparkler are pretty harmless, right? Do they even count as fireworks? Even the youngest of children have held sparklers in their hands. It's not a great idea though given the temperature at which they burn.

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Sparklers are considered fireworks and yes they're illegal.

All fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts including sparklers, firecrackers, and cherry bombs. In Massachusetts, individuals using fireworks must have a certificate of competency to work lawfully for professional fireworks displays. It is illegal for residents to use, possess, or sell fireworks of all kinds.

Sparklers burn at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit

Sparklers burn at hot enough temperatures to burn some metals. There are a lot injuries with children every year around the fourth of July. Injuries to eyes as well as burns. Once the powder burns off the remaining metal stick is hot for minutes after.


We all know fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, but can you get arrested? If not, what is the fine?

You cannot.

Can you go to jail for fireworks in Massachusetts? You cannot be arrested for simply possessing fireworks in Massachusetts, but you can be fined between $10 and $100. Police are required to confiscate them.

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