Continuing on with our Massachusetts automobile laws, there's one law that has a pretty steep fine if you break it and that is letting your car idle for more than five minutes. Obviously, some people will let their vehicles warm up for more than five minutes during the winter months which means that technically they are breaking the law but then again is anybody really going to report them?

What is the Fine for Letting Your Car Idle for More Than Five Minutes in Massachusetts?

If you choose to allow your car to idle for more than five minutes in Massachusetts, you could get nailed with a $100 fine for the first offense which isn't terrible but then the amount jumps to $500 for subsequent offenses.

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What is the Purpose Behind This Massachusetts Law?

It really has to do with cutting back on polluting the environment. According to, Massachusetts already has too much pollution in the air and the Bay State consistently has days when air pollution exceeds ozone standards.

Are There Any Exceptions to This Massachusetts Idling Law?

There are cases where you can legally have your vehicle idle for more than five minutes in Massachusetts and you won't be slapped with a fine. The exceptions include the following according to

  • When an engine is being repaired and operating the engine is necessary for the repair
  • When a vehicle is making deliveries and associated power is necessary
  • When the engine is used to provide power to another device

So there you have it, unless you find yourself in one of the three exceptions, you can't legally let your car idle for more than five minutes in Massachusetts. Is it worth the risk?

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