Massachusetts is known to have more than its fair share of rules, regulations, and of course taxes.

Regulations in some states, especially when it comes to vehicles, can look like a free for all compared to the laws we adhere to in the Commonwealth. Things that would be perfectly legal to drive in many other places besides Massachusetts, have to follow strict regulations and inspections before they can hit the road. And let's not forget about insurance.

For most Massachusetts drivers, especially adults, auto insurance is a fairly low cost, but if you're someone like me who has let's say a less than perfect driving record, it can get pricey.

Now like I said, I'm aware that I'm the exception rather than the rule, but it got me wondering what the average Massachusetts driver pays for their automobile insurance.

For the answer, we turn to Bank Rate which pulled information from almost 500 different Massachusetts zip codes. According to their findings, the average cost of car insurance in Massachusetts is $1,223 per year for full coverage. That breaks down to $102 per month. 

Besides your driving record, where you live in Massachusetts has a direct effect on how much you pay, attributed to your communities population size and crash statistics, driving patterns, theft and vandalism rates, frequency of claims, cost of vehicle repairs, and more.

Massachusetts drivers actually pay about $450 less than the national average, so maybe we don't have it that bad in the Bay State.


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