Summer begins on Friday and so does consistent warmer weather (hopefully), so let's avoid the following five myths.

1. Jumping up and down on one foot while banging one side of your head removes water caught in your ear. MYTH. We've all done this, it doesn't work.

2. After getting stung by a jellyfish, urinate on the wound to relieve the pain. MYTH. Try vinegar, the acidity can lessen the pain.

3. You can skip showering after swimming in a chlorinated pool. MYTH. Pools are full of bacteria that can cause many types of sickness. Chlorine does not kill all bacteria.

4. Accidentally swallowing a watermelon seed can cause appendicitis. MYTH. The seed(s) will pass through your system just fine.

5. Spending a long time in the sand is harmless. MYTH. Sand has been known to contain bacteria that cause gastrointestinal illness. Be sure to wash your hands after the beach!

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