Listen up, Massachusetts brew lovers and craft beer connoisseurs! One of the nation's fastest-growing (if not the fastest) microbrewery franchises will be opening a location in Massachusetts at some point in 2024!

According to the full-service restaurant industry serving website, the fastest-growing brewpub franchise in the world with locations across the country including Pennsylvania, Colorado, North and South Carolina, and Texas, will soon be opening a Massachusetts location.

I'm talking about Voodoo Brewing Co., makers of such fine concoctions as the Butterfly Effect, the Watermelon Dragon Mojito, the Blackberry Melon Burst Margarita Slush, and of course their iconic beer offerings such as Good Vibes, Voodoo Love Child, and Oh Mama, which is their collaboration with the rock band Styx.

According to FSR Magazine's website:

The new brewpub is the 1st in the Massachusetts market, a key growth area for Voodoo Brewing Co., and is projected to open this year.

This new franchise location will be the first in Massachusetts as Voodoo Brewing Co. looks to continue expanding across the country. This site will be opening in Boston and, like all other franchise locations, will feature a customized menu with items tailored to suit local tastes. Which is awesome! long as they feature their Good Vibes beer cheese--yummy!

Founded in Meadville, Pennsylvania back in 2005, Voodoo Brewing Co. opened its first taproom in 2012 followed quickly by a second taproom opening in 2015 and then a third in 2016.

With such fast-moving growth, it was only a matter of time before they expanded even further, and they soon did with more and more locations across the country. Here's hoping that the new Bay State location will go like gangbusters!

For more on the story, please visit FSR Magazine's website here.

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