Massachusetts residents have a lot to take pride in. From the state's rich history to its beautiful Cape Cod beaches, sprawling Berkshire mountains, and of course, iconic Massachusetts sports teams.

One of the things that folks in Massachusetts love to take pride in is the list of uber-talented actors and artists that call the Bay State home. From Mark Wahlberg and Steve Carrell to Aerosmith and The Cars, there's a laundry list of stars that hail from Massachusetts and many still call it home.

With such an impressive list to compete against, there are perhaps no two celebrities from Massachusetts that residents love more than Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. From the Academy Award-winning Good Will Hunting to the recently released Air, the duo raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts are a tremendous source of pride.

While eastern Massachusetts and the Boston area are normally their stomping grounds, Ben Affleck recently highlighted a new movie that was filmed in western Massachusetts, singing its praises as one of the best.

Cue the new Bradley Cooper movie, Maestro, which is already in select theatres and hits mega streamer Netflix on December 20th.

In the spring of 2022, Academy-Award-winning actor and director Bradley Cooper came to The Berkshires of western Massachusetts to film scenes for his upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic. Scenes were filmed on the iconic Tanglewood grounds in Lenox, Massachusetts where the American composer has a rich history.

So what does a Bradley Cooper movie filming in Berkshire County, Massachusetts have to do with Ben Affleck?

Earlier this year Ben Affleck appeared on the Smartless podcast, hosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes. While discussing Cooper's upcoming film that was shot in western Massachusetts, Ben Affleck said that the script for the film was the "best script" he has ever read.

Pretty cool that a movie that Ben Affleck has dubbed the best he's ever seen was shot right in the Berkshires!

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