Bennington Furniture which has locations in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, (Allendale Shopping Center); Bennington, Rutland, and Manchester, Vermont; Queensbury, New York will all become "Old Brick Furniture" stores after a recent acquisition by Bennington Furniture.

President and CEO of Bennington Furniture Michael Fiacco, whose connections with Old Brick Furniture date back to the mid-1980s says a deal was reached in late 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the closing was delayed, according to

The Albany-based Old Brick’s business model, which is geared toward warehousing and rapid delivery, is more “scalable” and better equipped to compete against e-commerce giants, Fiacco said. The acquisition will strengthen the newly merged business in Vermont, New York and Massachusetts, he added. -Bennington Banner 

Despite the name change, customers familiar with the Bennington Furniture experience should not be disappointed.

Fiacco attributed Bennington Furniture’s longevity to the industriousness of its employees, many of whom have been with the company for decades. “When you have a very good staff that knows what they’re doing, it allows the company to grow,” he said. -Bennington Banner

Three years ago I purchased a huge wrap around couch for our TV room, it was a pleasant experience.

It even came with a one-time cleaning, which is paramount when you have young children.

If optional of your TV room is big enough, I recommend a massive ottoman.

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