With extra daylight in the evening, and mild temperatures this week, many Berkshire County residents will be taking advantage of the Ashuwillticook Trail.  Running from Pittsfield (a very small part) through Adams, it’s an extremely popular trail that sees walkers, runners, bird watchers, and bikers of all ages.

That said, since it’s so popular, it’s important for everyone to both take care of the trail, show courtesy, and follow the rules while out enjoying it.  Here are a few things to observe:

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Pick Up Your Dog’s Waste.  That’s right, pick up the poop!  My wife and I frequently walk our two large breed dogs, and we have waste bags right on their leashes.  Not only is it annoying to step in dog waste, but it can be hazardous to other dogs who…may want to get a closer look and sample something they shouldn’t.  Also lots of young kids use the trail, and are less adverse to poop than you or I.

Give a Clear Signal You’re Passing on the Left.  From my experience, many bikers do this, and I’m appreciative.  They’ll either ring a bell or say “on your left”.  That said, many don’t.  More than once I’ve had bikers fly by me without saying anything.  It’s for everyone’s safety to announce you’re passing.  That way, no one (or animal) moves to the left all of a sudden and causes an accident.

Wear a Helmet!  This is actually a law for kids sixteen years and younger.  I’d say the majority of kids I see under 12 wear helmets.  Teenagers…not so much.  And adults, you can wear one or not, but the pavement isn’t kind to an unprotected head.

Don’t litter!  Seriously, just hold on to your trash and wait until you reach a trash can.  There are plenty around.

The Ashuwillticook Trail is a great place to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors, have a nice walk or run, or just go out an enjoy nature.  Basically, let’s all not be jerks, and keep it a fun place for everyone!

What about you?  Have you seen anything on the trail that I’ve missed here?


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