People around the world are makings efforts to support the citizens of Ukraine in any way they can.

Right here in Berkshire County, Massachusetts one local restaurant is raising funds for the cause, which hits very close to home.

Tonight Frankie's Ristorante and its sister restaurant Pizzeria Boema which calls downtown Lenox home, are hosting a dinner to donate at both eateries tonight with 20% of all proceeds going directly to Ukrainian refugees. The offer is good at both establishments and is valid on dine-in or takeout orders.

In a post on social media, owners explained that their own executive chef, and co-owner at Boema, is from Moldova. His family at home is taking in refugees. All money will go to a local organization in his hometown where they are helping refugee families fleeing Ukraine.

Frankie's is located at 80 Main St. in downtown Lenox, while Pizzeria Boema is located right next door at 84 Main St.



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