The Berkshire Humane Society plays a vital role in our community, helping homeless animals find new homes, facilitating pet food banks, hosting low-cost spay/neutering clinics, the list goes on and on.

In a line of work that can be stressful, thankless, and sometimes downright sad, last week shelter staff got to experience a day that they live for; reuniting a missing pet with a heartbroken owner.

The story starts last year, in October when a woman named Angel messaged the Berkshire Humane Society, informing them that her indoor cat, Bell, had gotten out and was missing. As these calls go, shelter staff said they'd keep an eye out for her and posted her photo on their missing cats board at the shelter.

Months went by with no luck in the search and Angel was heartbroken without her beloved pet.

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Just a few days ago, almost six months later, Animal DREAMS (a partner of Berkshire Humane and advocates for community cats) found a cat only a street away from their facility and brought her to Berkshire Humane Society, where she was treated for some minor skin issues.

It was there at Berkshire Humane Animal DREAMS volunteer Stacey matched the cat that had been found with the photo of Bell on the missing cats board and the rest is joyful history!

Staff at Berkshire Humane were touched to see the tearful reunion and shared photos of the happy day. Congratulations to Angel and her family who never gave up looking for Bell!

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