There are times Berkshire county residents have stopped at their neighborhood convenience store or at the supermarket customer service booth to pick up a lottery ticket, hoping they will get lucky and pick up some extra cash on the horizon. We wish you the best of luck in this quest, but keep in mind, there could be some moolah moolah moolah in your immediate future (I'm a little envious) and my suggestion is to cash the ticket promptly or the idea of extra cash could fly out of the window, literally.

Let me explain why you must act on this promptly:

A hand scratching an instant lottery with coins.
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According to The Massachusetts Lottery, ALL winnings MUST be redeemed within one year of when your ticket was purchased and the majority of prizes can be collected at any business that sells lottery tickets on a daily basis. If by chance you score a big amount of winnings, you MUST redeem the cash prize at their main headquarters at 150 Mount Vernon St. in Dorchester, located just outside of Boston. The same rule applies as these massive winnings MUST be cashed in within one year of when your lucky ticket was purchased. You will also be responsible for any taxes that are incurred in winnings that exceed a certain amount, especially prizes that consist of over 4 digits total (Filling out the paperwork is ALWAYS a fun task at hand, but it will be well worth it even though Uncle Sam gets his cut of your cash prize)

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Log on to The Mass Lottery's web site for more information and look into the options that are presented to prospective customers each and every day from daily numbers, Megabucks, Lucky For Life et al. Keep in mind, The Bay State also participates in the twice weekly Mega millions and Powerball drawings for more opportunities to W-I-N!

For our neighboring residents in the tri-state region, don't forget to visit The New York Lottery's web site by going here and for those south of the border in Connecticut can access information on lottery offerings by accessing this link 

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